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With more than 20 river barges and high frequency of daily feeder services, Keppel Logistics is one of the biggest feeder operators in Foshan plying between Foshan and Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou (Nansha). KLF warrants reliability of the sailing schedule in every attempt and vessels are always standby for every additional sailing. Therefore, all customers and shipping liners cooperating with us have great confidence in KLF.
Keppel Logistics is one of the founding members of the South China Common Feeder Alliance and has won many accolades for its service excellence. As an integrated port operator providing freight forwarding, shipping agency, Customs declarations, feeder and other associated services, and through seamless connections within all these service functions, KLF rivals any other feeder providers in quality, efficiency and reliability. Based on this, KLF is able to cooperate well with the shipping companies in providing all-round quality services for our customers.