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Haixiang dock ready for import-export business

The Haixiang dock in Xiang'an district, Xiamen city recently passed the municipal acceptance inspection for open ports, indicating its readiness for import-export business, local media reported.

After the completion of its construction in 2015, Haixiang dock has sought to improve its soft and hard facilities, including ground hardening and video monitoring systems, to satisfy the standards of open ports in China, according to a Haixiang dock spokesman.

Its water front extends 785 meters with three 50,000-ton break-bulk berths for 50,000 to 70,000 ton cargo vessels. Deliver of stone and steel is Haixiang dock's main business.

The Haixiang is the nearest break-bulk cargos dock to Jinmen, Taiwan province in Xiamen and will create a new trade channel between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.

In addition, Xiamen port has always served as a platform for stone trading worldwide. Compared to the Dongdu port area in Xiamen, Haixiang dock is nearer to Xiamen port's source of stone, Nan'an in Quanzhou city, which could save roughly 30 percent of transportation costs for stone companies from home and abroad.

 Source:China Daily   15 March 2019