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Safety Improvement of Shengwei Reach Stacker

Shengwei reach stacker is a kind of main equipments for lifting and transporting container. It can be easily used in many aspects. Since Shengwei reach stacker at our port has been used for years, its brake system needs to be improved for better use. After discussions between staff from Engineering Department and Operation Department, an improvement plan of reforming original brake device has finally come up to increase operation safety.

The main improvements are as follows:

1. Increase pressure of hydraulic accumulator in the brake system (original hydraulic accumulator is lacking in pressure, two extra hydraulic accumulators can make up for the lack)

2. Install warning buzzer which will automatically remind the operator when brake oil pressure is inadequate (buzzer alarm will activate automatically if brake oil pressure is lower than 70 Bar, and operator can still brake the reach stacker for five to seven times so that reach stacker can be safely transferred to maintenance zone)

3. Install brake warning light in the reach stacker to ensure hand brake is released during operation time.

4. Improve brake fuel tank in case buzzer activate automatically due to brake oil pressure is inadequate (Take KALMAR-DRD as an example, brake fuel tank is connected to work fuel tank with hydraulic filter mounted in between).

After two-day installation and commissioning, the improvement of brake system is completed so as to enhance our safety work.