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Installation of Blue Reversing Warning Light on Forklift

Forklift is one of the most important transport equipment in the logistics industry, however, accident rate concerning forklift has remained high. Apart from non-standardized operation, incomplete site safety plan also contributes to the high rate of accident. How to strike a balance between safety and efficiency is the top priority of our safety work.

Gears between Drive and Reverse have to be frequently shifted when a forklift is on operation. Forklift reversing requires operator to confirm rear safety situation, but some operators will neglect this step inadvertently during the repeated work. Besides, loading and unloading operation zone is relatively small while there are quite a few people working in it, and therefore, blind spot actually exists in forklift reversing.

To decrease risk of forklift reversing, KLF installed blue warning light on forklifts with technical support of Linde Forklift. The blue warning light can project a highly visible blue shade on the ground that is two to three meter from the back of forklift, which can alert people nearby to the potential risk so that they will actively keep their distance from dangerous zone. Staff of NHDC and exterior personnel all gave positive comments on the blue warning light after usage for a period of time. Installation of blue warning light can ensure safety of people on site to a large extent and lower the possibility of accident during forklift reversing, reflecting our corporate culture of “safety first”. This project has also got the silver award in the Keppel group safety innovation campaign.