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The Training Courses in the First Half of 2015

In the first half of 2015, KLF arranged a wide range of training courses for staffs to improve their vocational skills, including “The Safety Production Training of Key Positions in Labor - Intensive Enterprises”, “The Training of Safe Driving”, “Lecture on Health and Safety”, “Reduction of procurement costs and skills in negotiation with suppliers” and so on.

Facing sharp market competition, seeking suitable supplier to ensure the quality of customer services is the necessary option for multitudinous enterprise. In the training of “Reduction of procurement costs and skills in negotiation with suppliers”, the trainer introduced different negotiating strategies in the different stage, such as staff replacement, making a feint, making concessions in order to gain advantages and so on.

One of the major concerns in KLF is empowering lives. To better serve customer, KLF will offer the employees more training opportunities as ever.