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Customer-Oriented, We Can Do It

For a service enterprise, the customer service is the core competence of enterprise. It is vital for enterprise development to understand the changing needs of customers and provide customers with excellent and efficient services so as to maintain long-term stable relationship with the customer and improve customer satisfaction.

First of all, we should have the passion for work and improve customer satisfaction.

The integrated logistics department is responsible for customer service. The monotonous work will become interesting only if we have the passion for work. Only in this way can the customer satisfaction be improved.

Secondly, we should manage to be good at communication and improve work efficiency.

What we need to do for customers is communicating patiently, recording carefully and reconfirming all. In the meanwhile, communication and cooperation with the colleagues is the key to raise the work efficiency and quality.

Furthermore, we should keep progressing by improving our service.

High quality service has no end. It is required that we insist on improving our service and putting it into effect. The persistence of customer-oriented and high quality service establish a good corporate image, attracting more customers.