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May Reinforce Staff’s Safety Awareness, Create Safe Operation Environment------The KLF 7th Safety Competition
Aug Evacuation drill for fire alarm
Jul KLF Worked out a Contingency Plan against Flood, Typhoon and Storm
Jun A Large-Scale Security Check in KLF
May Office Emergency Evacuation Exercise
Apr Pandemic Flu Drill Carried out to Enhance Staff’s Precaution Awareness
Mar KLF Spares Continuous Efforts to Create Safe Working Environment
  Keppel Logistics (Foshan) Launches Safety Innovation Project
To Improve Safety Records
Sep KLF Carries out a Pandemic Flu Exercise to Improve Staff’s Ability to Handle Contingencies
Aug KLF Carries out a Safety Competition to Strengthen Staff’s Safety Consciousness
May Safety Management is a Continuous Improvement Process
Dec Everyone is Responsible for Safely in Production


KLF strives for continuous improvement in safety performance
  Keep yourself away from Influenza A (H1N1)
Jul Precaution is better than Cure